We have a few announcements regarding how we're handling reservations, quotes and delivery fees. 
Supply chain, labor shortages and freight concerns impact how we do business. Gone are the days of "no problem. We can get that for you."  
Our suppliers' inventories and offerings are limited, and, in some cases nonexistent.  
Trust us, we get it! We're all in a rush to complete event details coming at us at the last minute. We want to give you a great experience, but the details really do matter. Missing information causes delays in filling and delivering orders (possibly impacting other events). 
We've put together some tips to help you with ordering for your next event - important tips that help us help YOU! 


  • Please don't direct message your request/order. Please send all information in an email! 
  • Provide proper info. Here's what we really need:
    • Date & Time of the Event
    • Venue Name & Address
    • Site-Contact Name & Cell Number
    • Date of Delivery (preferably a range of dates)
    • Date of Pickup
  • List Item


  • Where can the truck park to offload and reload?
  • Are there loading docks available?
    • Do the loading docks need to be reserved?
    • What is the loading dock clearance?
  • Is there a steep driveway?
  • How far will the truck be positioned from the event site?
  • What is the delivery surface? (grass, gravel, cement, asphalt or sand)
  • Is floor protection required?
  • Are there elevators?
    • What type? Passenger or freight? (please provide dimensions)
  • Are there stairs? If so, how many flights?
  • Are there dogs or pets on-site?
  • Is there a set by or strike by time?
  • Is there a timeline/schedule with all vendors included so delivery/pickup is not bottlenecked with multiple trucks trying to access one spot at the same time?

Please be very specific when ordering. State the desired style or pattern for china, glassware and flatware especially. Remember, there are issues with supply, so please always consider a backup choice.

Quotes show current availability and pricing. Quotes do not confirm items. They are only confirmed (noting changes are pending) with signed contract and/or payment of a deposit to hold items.

For larger events, a site visit is a great idea. Please provide 2-3 date options that could work with your schedule. If we cannot attend in person, we can schedule a video call via FaceTime, or photos and video help as well.

Commercial cooking equipment is most often meant to be stationary and very heavy. At Events on the Loose, we like to build kitchens in unusual places that provide better access to the event space. With that in mind, please take note of any elements such as gates, terrain, distance that may impact where or how we transport these large pieces of equipment. Our website is a great tool for reviewing our inventory. We also have two Lookbooks that showcase how items can be styled: design rentals and culinary rentals.


  • 14-days notice prior to delivery, 10% cancellation fee
  • 7-days prior to delivery, 40% cancellation fee
  • 72-hours or less prior to delivery, 60% Cancellation fee
  • 24 hours or less prior to delivery, 100% Cancellation fee/restocking fee
*Please contact by phone or email about cancellations as soon as possible and to ensure you understand our policy.
Postpone Event: Any payments will be credited to a postponed event if the event takes place within 365 days of the date change
Select items canceled after truck is loaded or at delivery site subject to 100% restocking fee.